Village of Sherman

A Message From

The Mayor

Another year in the books. A year of exciting firsts for this community, as well as a year of marking milestones. In between, a steady stewardship of the services and the traditions that our residents have come to expect. There is plenty of credit to spread around and, to me, that is what is most notable about the list of achievements. Let’s start with our first responders. There is no substitute for feeling safe and the Board of Trustees and I remain grateful for your vigilance and excellent service.

We are also grateful for the dedicated administrators and staff that make this Village run smoothly. They perform an endless list of duties that are often taken for granted. They also go the extra mile, lavishly decorating for Christmas and arranging for a giant American flag to wave as a fallen soldier returns home. Because they know that it’s the big things and the little things that sustain an exceptional hometown.

Finally, we are deeply honored by the contributions of a small army of volunteers in 2017. You are truly the foundation on which this community thrives. We know who you are. I hope you know how much you are appreciated.

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Trevor J. Clatfelter