Trevor J. Clatfelter
Mayor (President)
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(serving since 2003, as Mayor since 2007)


Kevin Schultz
Trustee (serving since 1997)
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Jay Timm
Trustee (serving since 1998)
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Brian Long
Trustee (serving since 2003)
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Bret Hahn
Trustee (serving since 2015)
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Pam Gray
Trustee (serving since 2017)
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Kim Rockford
Trustee (serving since 2017)
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About the Role of Village Board Trustee            
The Sherman Village Board of Trustees consists of 7 elected officials with staggered 4-year terms. They are the Chief Executive Officers of the Village formed under a mayoral form of government. The Trustees meet on a regular basis reviewing minutes, budget, finances and the business of the community. They are committed to providing professional and quality service to its citizens within the budget parameters as provided by the village board.

Our programs include, but are not limited to:
  • To annually develop and finalize a transparent, reasonable budget.
  • Work to ensuring our Administrative, Police, Public Works and Emergency Management departments have the manpower, training, facility, technology and equipment to run a progressive growing suburban community.
  • To work with each other and community organizations to promote our community & economic base.
  • To continue our working relationships with numerous public organizations on projects to share costs, manpower, and joint purchase/sharing.