Cardboard Recycling in Sherman

  • 12/14/2017

Thanks to our Village Board, all residents of the Village of Sherman have two options to RECYCYLE cardboard.  First, we encourage all residents to contact their waste haulers as they are required to offer a cardboard recycling pick-up as part of their service.

In addition, and for larger boxes and quantities, our Village Board has partnered with the Sherman Public Library on Andrew Road to provide a drop site for cardboard only recycling.  We encourage use of this site as an addition to your curbside recycling program with your waste hauler.

Everyone using this site should do their part to keep the area tidy and free from debris and realize if the dumpsters are full not to drop the cardboard to the side but coordinate your drop-off with our haulers pick up schedule. We should continue to be good users of this service and keep our Village looking exceptional.

Please do not hesitate to contact Village Hall at (217) 496-2621 or email at should you have any questions or comment about this program.