Village Electronic Emergency Alerting System
Persons can sign up to receive electronic notifications on their phone and via email. These notifications can be for severe weather, road closures, boil orders, and other important public safety issues. We highly recommend you utilize this service from the Village.

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  • This service is provided by the Village of Sherman at no cost to those that sign-up. There may be charges that apply to delivery of telephone, email or text messages depending on your service terms and conditions. You are responsible for those costs in accord with your service provider.
  • Signing-up, as well as discontinuing service is the responsibility of the subscriber.
  • The Village will make every attempt to provide information on a timely basis, but does not guarantee the timeliness or the accuracy of the information.
  • This is one technology, of many, that can notify you of information. It is recommended that other sources of information such as weather radios capable of receiving National Weather Service alerts, the outdoor warning siren system and radio/television be utilized to augment your means of notifications.
  • WCUSD#15 school district and the Sherman Fire Protection District are separate governmental entities and are not participants in this program.
  • The Village uses eLert as the provider and does not guarantee or approve certain aspects of the content provided by that company.
  • The Village has the right to discontinue service or select an alternate provider at the Village's discretion.