Illinois Bicentennial Flag Raising Ceremony

  • 12/14/2017

The Village of Sherman is pleased to join the multitude of communities throughout the state to start celebrating the 200th birthday of the State of Illinois. At the designated time of 12:00 pm on December 4, 2017 the staff raised the Illinois Bicentennial Flag at Village Hall in support of Illinois Bicentennial Celebrations. This is addition to the passing of Resolution 2017-4 which read:

WHEREAS, August 26, 2018, will mark the 200th anniversary of the adoption of the Illinois Constitution of 1818 at the Kaskaskia Convention; and

WHEREAS, December 3, 2018, will mark the 200th anniversary of the admission of Illinois to the Union as a state; and

WHEREAS, the bicentennial of our statehood is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the many cultural, economic, academic and political contributions that Illinois and its residents have made to the nation and the world; and

WHEREAS, commemorations and celebrations will enable and encourage Illinoisans of all ages and backgrounds, together with visitors, to experience Illinois’ 1,298 cities, villages and towns, thereby stimulating the Illinois economy; and

WHEREAS, our community recognizes the importance of the bicentennial celebration as a way to honor the citizens and the history of our great state, and set a course for success over our next 200 years; and

WHEREAS, our community, through its various councils, committees and congregations, should work together with the Illinois Bicentennial Commission and the state’s citizens, businesses, and cultural and educational institutions to share our vision and projects to mark the 200th anniversary; and

WHEREAS, participation in Illinois’ bicentennial celebration is a unique opportunity to honor and showcase the state during this historic time.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Village of Sherman endorses the efforts of the Illinois Bicentennial Commission in promoting, planning and executing historic, educational, celebratory and cultural initiatives and further resolves to recognize and celebrate the bicentennial of the state of Illinois. Adopted this 7th day of November 2017.